Sunday, November 22, 2009

CI 12: Color Block

I really enjoyed doing this assignment because I love working with colour and creating different moods with them. I had difficulty filling the entire frame with one single color without it looking somewhat dull and uninteresting. I tried to find exsisting subjects this time instead of staging, which added to the level of difficulty. The person I asked to critique the photos said that the photos of her favorite colors were also her favorite pictures, and like wise with her least favorite color, they ended up being the pictures she liked least.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Field Trip to the Zoo!

I had been to the zoo the week beforehand to work on Ross' assignment so I found myself very uninspired there. I had shot over 200 frames of the animals the first trip so I decided to go a different route and shoot the animals surroundings instead of the actual animals. I had just bought a macro lens so I used that for the majority of the images so I could get a feeling of how it works. I think in the end my images turned out pretty good considering how I felt about the zoo in the beginning.